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Going Green

                    Partners /supporters

​Our current partners in this Go Green initiative include: The Tacoma School District, The Russell Family foundation, The City Of Tacoma’s “Make A Splash” program,  The Tacoma Audubon, The Boy’s & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound, The Sequoia Foundation, Mildgard Foundation, Foss Waterway Seaport, The Puyallup Tribe Of Indians, The Tulalip Tribe, Chambers Clover Creek Watershed Council, Columbia Bank, State Farm, The Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, a grantmaking fund created by the Puget Soundkeeper lliance administered by the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment, The Willis Foundation and the Ben B Cheney Foundation.

“The Rodney Raccoon educational video engages and educates young people about polluted runoff in Puget Sound in a simple, fun, exciting and captivating manner.  Rodney Raccoon shows you vivid images that make you see the problem and how you can be part of the solution. Every child can relate to Rodney Raccoon. This innovative approach to learning is exactly what children need in this digital age”.

Justine Asohmbom
​WA Department of Ecology

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We live in a multimedia world and youth are surrounded by multimedia messages which influence their behaviors.  The need to create innovative learning opportunities for kids is steadily increasing. By developing an educational video and curriculum to encompass several environmentally sound practices we will meet youth where they are and educate them on ways to keep our water clean. Rodney Raccoon’s live video will be used to engage, educate and create a sense of “green living” within our young. 

Rodney Raccoon Educational Video & Curriculum 

Program Components

Winner of the Puyallup River Film Festival the Rodney Goes Green program includes an animated 3D and 2D with live action mixed educational DVD, teacher curriculum, coloring pages and the Rodney Goes Green video game. Each component of this program is designed to educate youth on how their activities affect water quality and how their behaviors contribute to polluted runoff. The purpose of the project is to engage a diverse spectrum of residents who might not otherwise establish a personal connection with the environment and help them recognize themselves as part of the solution not just part of the problem. 

​​"A Program to encourage youth to reduce pollution"
The most powerful agents for change are moms, dads, teachers -- and kids! Our goal is to deliver a fun environmental education project to pique the interest of young children and engage them in interactive learning activities designed to increase their awareness of the environment, prompting change.