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We all want our children to learn practical ways to be responsible individuals and become positive contributors in life. However, it can be hard for parents to compete against Angry Birds and the Avengers. “Rodney Raccoon’s” DVD and CD’s are both entertaining and educational. Our team uses music, characters, and multimedia to offer engaging ways to partner with parents and teachers to help educate children about important issues that improve their life choices, overall health and long term success.


As educators we are always looking for innovative ways to engage students. Unfortunately, there are few programs available that can educate and engage students at their core. Here at WayOut Kids we integrate animation, music and fun to create projects that captivate the young mind while delivering an educational curriculum.

“The developers worked with educators along with community partners to develop materials that are connected to the local environment, classroom curriculum, and Washington State and Next Gen Science Standards”

Michelle Morrison,
K-5 STEM Specialist
​Tacoma Public Schools

“The Rodney Raccoon program introduces grade school children to the general impacts of stormwater on surface waters and the impacts of those discharges. Additionally, the Rodney the Raccoon program introduces school age children to some of the solutions that will affect pollution reduction in stormwater runoff – picking up pet waste, reducing use of yard chemicals, using a commercial car wash, and fixing auto leaks, all of which are specific behavior change messages targeted in section S5.C.10 (Phase 2 S5.C.1) of the municipal stormwater permit.”   

​Tiffany O’Dell
Education & Outreach Coordinator
Surface Water Management Division
Pierce County Public Works & Utilities