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Rodney Raccoon's Cd's & DVD's are packed with fun educational messages covering important topics such as health, fitness & nutrition, early literacy, early learning, early math, and emotional and social learning. These are fun kids educational videos and Cd's  your kids will love.


“My son adores Rodney Raccoon!  When he got a chance to hug Rodney [at a live performance], he latched on tight and didn't let go for a while.  This is a huge compliment to Rodney and the crew. My son has sensory problems and is hypersensitive to touch. He doesn't hug others so easily….  This is a huge deal for my son and I wanted to let you know that you guys have all made such a positive impact on my son as well as other children.”  Donna Green, proud parent... Tacoma, WA


go green

Winner of the Puyallup River Film Festival 

The Rodney Goes Green project focuses on delivering a high quality, engaging environmental curriculum dedicated to educating young children about the environment. 

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